The various types of websites and their description

When the internet came into being and websites were being created, the only purpose of web platforms was to give out information. But these days, websites perform several purposes and fulfill many requirements for a whole cross section of people. From individuals to businesses, everyone has moved online and dedicated their interests, tasks and a lot more to the internet.

There are several different kinds of websites these days and the following are a few of the main categories:

Personal websites-these kinds of websites are for individuals and may include their photos, family photos, blogs and other such personal things which they would like to share only with a close few. These types of sites help people stay in touch with their near and dear ones.

Photo sharing websites-these kinds of sites are both free and paid and provide a space to people to share their photos and market their products/services.  These are used for online advertising and are used widely across the world, mainly by photographers and other such professionals.

Informational websites-one example of such a website is Wikipedia. These types of websites are used for sharing and giving out information and also allow members to contribute their writings and articles.

Author/writer websites-this is that category of websites which are used by writers to publish their work. These are useful for both interested in reading and those interested in writing. Such websites help writers in marketing their work and are slowly and steadily cropping up all across the world.

Community building websites-this is another type of websites and some examples include social media networks, sharing websites and forum websites.  These websites basically serve the purpose of bringing together people or meeting those with similar interests.

Mobile device websites-these are those kinds of websites which can be used easily and comfortably on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  Almost every website is opting to be mobile friendly websites since a large population of people browse the internet through their mobile devices these days.

Blogging websites-from online diaries to journals, blogging websites are too increasing in density these days.  Blogging websites are used by several people these days either on a time cycle basis or everyday. These too are ideal for those who love writing.

Business and ecommerce websites-these sites are owned by businesses to not just promote and market their products but also to sell them. Some examples include, and others.

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